5 October 2013


Woodford House, Saturday morning, breakfast made and served.
Dooley's Rental men arrived a little early and transaction of handing the minibus back to them was totally painless and very friendly.

As I returned to the kitchen the teamwork of these wonderful women was in full action

The girls were about to have an adventure in Dublin, a warmish sunny day, and I had to return to meet someone in Boyle for more adventures, to write up on other blogs.

I will heartily miss these women, a wonderful 2 weeks, almost.

This is the end of this Finding Brighid blog ...

Farewell and blessings as we are to part,
I must admit I will miss you, already tugging my heart
Remembering where we roamed and the passions confessed
Places of beauty, inspiration, visions our senses caressed

Bright forever the pictures will remain
Sweet visions of bliss but not all of them will retain
As some of our shared times already dispersed into air,
But many you will always carry to save you from despair!

With Brighid in your sails, Erin in your stride
Misty rain in memories, but sun resisting to hide
Book shops, gift shops, shoe shops, filling bags
Coffee shops, tea pots, nourishing double triple hags.

Farewell, ladies dear and so kind
Farewell, full hearts such a gift to find
Farewell, without fault now with courage to dare
Farewell, no 'tis not farewell, there's other ways we'll share.

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